Organizational Endorsements

Alliant Educational Foundation Letter of Endorsement for Dr. Beth Rom Rymer for APA president 2023. the Board of Directors of Alliant Educational Foundation has voted to formally endorse Dr. Rom-Rymer candidacy for President of the American Psychological Association (APA).
Alliant Foundation Endorsement letter for Beth N. Rom Rymer Ph.D.

Gonzalo Garreton, MD
Chair of the Board

Valin Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey E. Alligood, CPA
Finance Director

Ava Chan-Crowder
Grants & Scholarships Administrator

06 2022 Div55Endorsement of Beth N. Rom-Rymer Ph.D. for APA President

Peter Smith, Psy.D., MSCP

David Shearer Ph.D., MSCP, ABMP

Derek Phillips, Psy.D., MSCP, ABMP
Past President
IMPAP endorsement letter for Beth APA presidency Page 1

Jury Ricardo Gomez, Ph.D.

Matheus Teles Gomes de Araújo, B.S.

Beth Rom-Rymer, Ph.D.

UCA Endorsement APA Rom Rymer v1

Alice Cai
Youth Ambassador

Changfu Chang
Communications Consultant

Jian (Lily) Chen
UCA WAVES Director, RWJF Clinical Scholar

Sandy Chen
Youth Ambassador

Dr. Xiaohong Gao
Statistician and Evaluator

Tianyao Tim He
Youth Ambassador and (RWF) Clinical Scholars Coordinator

Paul Li
Conference & Webinar Coordinator

Ren Li
Parent Peer to Peer Program Coordinator

Elaine Peng
Parent Peer to Peer Program Co-Coordinator

Haipei Shue
UCA President

Jennifer Tu
Youth Ambassador, UCA WAVES Coordinator

Weiyang Xie
PhD, Psychologist Consultant, RWJF Clinical Scholar Fellow

Jun (Justine) Zhou
Treasurer for the Clinical Scholars

Sherry Huang
WAVES Program Correspondent

Sen Xu
MD, Psychiatrist Consultant

John K Holton
PhD Strategy Advisor

Endorse Letter Dr. Beth Rom Rymer

Jo Velasquez, Ph.D., MSCP, BCN-Fellow
New Mexico Licensed Clinical and Prescribing Psychologist
President State Psychologist Association 2021-2023
New Mexico Psychological Association Board-Liaison to Prescribing Psychologist Association Chief Operating Officer iNetMed Rx2
Nevada Licensed Psychologist
California Licensed Psychologist
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Elaine S. LeVine, Ph.D., ABMP
Prescribing Psychologist  0001
First Prescribing Psychologist in New Mexico and first civilian prescribing psychologist in the United States
President RXP International
Chair, Southwestern Institute for the
Advancement of Psychotherapy
and The Center Through the Looking Glass
Las Cruces, New Mexico

IAPP Rom Rymer Endorsement3 Page 1
IAPP Rom Rymer Endorsement3 Page 2

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